Storm Soldiers

Power is a necessity in today’s modern world. Most of us take for granted the work that it takes to build and maintain the power grid that supplies us with the electricity that powers our lives. Storm Soldiers is a film about the men who make it all happen. The linemen who work tirelessly behind the scenes so we can power our computers, heat our homes and light our lives. Danger is around every corner for linemen and the job is constantly on the top ten list for most dangerous jobs. This film is a tribute to the men and women that literally put their lives on the line everyday.

This poster series won Gold at the 2013 Addy Awards.
The first poster of the series was released on Facebook on a Friday evening in 2013 to the Lineman community. By the next night, the poster had received over 100,000 unique views. Less than a week later, the poster had been viewed/shared over 250,000 times. The interest garnered by this poster series, along witht he movie trailer helped to spawn more merchandising opportunities and provided more leverage to produce the entire Storm Soldiers documentary by TYTAN Creates.
Posters and Logo designed with TYTANcreates
Client: Storm Soldiers Movie
Creative Director: Scott Jacobs
Executive Producer: Jim Stone
Director of Photography: Brad Kremer
Photography: Roxy Stone
Lead Designer: Justin Collins
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