Homeplate Peanut Butter is founded by two former Major League baseball players whose story goes that peanut butter has long been a source of nutrition and natural energy for the players behind the scenes. While baseball is America's pastime, not everyone is such a big fan...
For this campaign, I had to take an existing brand which was targeted towards baseball players and make it appeal to a larger audience without losing its roots.
This peanut butter is all-natural. And as we know, all-natural products are becoming more and more sought after in our food sources. So my team and I came up with the idea of playing off the idea of the "natural" food buzzwords: Wild-caught, grass-fed, and free-range. These specific words were selected because not only were they relatable to baseball in a sense, but they also keep the humor alive - since obviously you don't catch peanuts in the ocean, nor do chickens lay them, nor do peanuts have mouths. At least that's what we found in our research.
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